Top Three Things to Look for in a Logistics Partner

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If you’re seeking a solid partner for your freight logistics, there are many things to consider. What services to they offer? What does their pricing look like? Can they service the locations where you do business? What solutions do they offer? Is sustainability important to them? What’s the word around the industry on their reputation? Can you trust them to partner with you?

Here are the top three things you should look for when selecting a logistics partner:

1. Customer service.
Sure, you may be able to track your cargo, but if something goes wrong (as it sometimes does) can you speak to an actual human being? US Fly Freight is known for our exceptional customer service, professionalism and our ability to deliver on satisfaction to the fullest. Our dedicated logistics professionals pride ourselves on reliability, responsiveness and open communications to ensure flawless execution – and repeat business. Your delivery – and your satisfaction – are guaranteed.

2. Safe delivery.
On time. Whether you’re using our over-the-road (OTR) services or container drayage services, one thing remains constant – you want your delivery to arrive in the same pristine condition it was in when it departed. We offer a variety of services to help you get your products to their destination on time and in perfect condition. Safety, security and punctuality are our priorities. And if delivery isn’t possible within the near future, ask us about our climate-controlled warehousing.

3. Reputation.
You can’t entrust your freight to just anyone. Do your research, and find out what other businesses within your sector are saying in testimonials. Are they easy to work with? Do they guarantee delivery? Will you have an expert advisor to guide you – only a phone call away? Are they dependable? Long-standing business relationships usually indicate a quality solutions provider.

US Fly Freight is a boutique freight brokerage company, providing the highest quality logistics solutions to our clients. Our vendors are long-standing partners – including trucking companies, freight brokers, warehouses, labor providers, marine ports and rail ramps across the U.S. We deliver high standards of freight delivery services to customers throughout the entire United States, Mexico and Canada. Request a quote here – we’ll find the solution that’s right for your business needs.


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