Container Drayage

US Fly Freight offers expert container drayage services for all of your short-haul needs.

About Container Drayage

Container drayage is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to supply chain success, and nobody knows this more than US Fly Freight. With our network of expert pick-up and delivery companies in NY and around the country, your cargo will always arrive exactly where it needs to be for each subsequent operation – on time!

As a freight brokerage based in USA, no matter the container size or load conditions, we’ll ensure your logistic solutions are customized to your needs. We always provide our clients with well planned loading strategies and ensure that their freight is transported with the appropriate equipment and conditions.

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Container drayage service tailored to your needs

Every business is unique. That’s why all of our freight and logistic services are customized to your needs, and assigned a dedicated, experienced team.
Container drayage shipping is the process of moving container freight short distances by truck, usually in the same metropolitan area. Drayage closes the gap between point A and point B: ports, facilities, rail yards and other shipping hubs.
Container drayage is performed by trucks, getting containers from one destination to another. Intermodal transport involves other types of transportation – rail or ship, for example. US Fly Freight handles containers up to 45 feet, and can handle a variety of cargo types. Our staff and logisticians at US Fly Freight are experts in container drayage and understand how critical it is to get this step right.

Fast and controlled process

As experts in the container drayage industry, US Fly Freight offers dependable drayage for all types of cargo.

Your business is assigned a dedicated team who will thoroughly understand your industry, your shipping needs, your timing and so much more.


No surprises. Your team on the ground is fully briefed and ready to move – with all of the security safeguards and precautions in place.


We leave nothing to chance. Your cargo will be received and sent to its next destination safely, securely and in a timely fashion.

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What is included in USFF’s container drayage services?

Our container drayage services involve the pick up and delivery of shipping containers from one location to another, such as ports, rail yards, warehouses, or other destinations. The process includes loading and unloading the container onto trucks or trailers and making sure it gets where it needs to go safely.

USFF is capable of transporting to and from any US port to any location in the country.

What container sizes can USFF transport?

As a national freight brokerage, we’re capable of helping you transport any and all sized containers, no matter their size. From 20 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft, and OOG (out of gauge) containers.

Can USFF transport specialized cargo?

You’ll have to spend less time searching for the right transportation company to move your specialized cargo, because we’ll connect you to them. Our national network of transportation and shipping companies span across locations all over the US and can move specialized containers such as:

Temperature Controlled Container Drayage

Temp controlled containers (aka reefer containers) that contain temperature sensitive cargo.

HAZMAT Container Drayage

Hazardous cargo that has specialized requirements/permits in order to transport, ie. perfume, alcohol, construction material, and more.

Overweight Container Drayage

Transportation of overweight cargo that requires specialized equipment in order to comply with transportation regulations.


Out of Gauge cargo that doesn’t fit in traditional sized transportation methods, and requires customized solutions such as flatbed trucking etc.

How does the process work?

We’ll get to know your needs (ie, your shipment requirements & conditions) and we’ll work on your behalf with our national freight network to negotiate a logistical solution that’s customized to your needs. If you choose, we can facilitate all your shipping and transportation management needs, so you have more time to grow your business, while overseeing your shipments and receiving tracking updates.

Why choose USFF?

As a boutique freight brokerage, we take the hardships out of shipment and transportation management. Whether you’re transporting containers out of ports or looking for warehousing solutions, we work with our expansive network of US logistics professionals to provide a solution customized to your needs.

One of the biggest reasons businesses choose USFF is for our logistics management solutions. As a third-party logistics company, we deal with supply chain management so our clients can focus their time on growing their business.

Our Freight Services

We broker over-the-road drivers who specialize in long-haul freight delivery, or “the last mile.” We specialize in time-sensitive shipments, fragile cargo and temperature-controlled freight.
Trust US Fly Freight with your short-haul drayage. Request a quote today!
If you need warehousing in between modes of transportation – or for storing inventory – US Fly Freight offers an experienced team that will safely and securely store your goods.

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