Container Drayage

Companies that need container drayage services need accurate scheduling and shipment planning. That’s we’re we come in.

Container Drayage
Container Drayage

About Container Drayage

Although container drayage seems like a small link, it plays a substantial role in the entire supply chain. Quick and safe pick up of your cargo and smooth delivery to the next shipping dock ensures that every following operation goes well. Essentially, proper equipment and well-organized load planning are crucial for an efficient drayage move.

What can we handle?

20, 40, 45ft containers

(Dry cargo – Temperature Controlled – HAZMAT – Overweight – OOG).

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Container Drayage Service tailored to your needs

All of our freight & logistic services are unique and requires a dedicated and experience team.

Container drayage shipping is the process of moving container freight over short distances, mainly in the same metropolitan area between ports, facilities, rail yards, or other shipping hubs.
Drayage transportation is handled by trucks and is usually part of intermodal transport.

Fast and controlled process

We know what matter most to you that’s why we make sure everything goes your way.

By understanding your need we can provide you with the best service possible.


We work tediously to make sure we have everything on point before moving forward.​


Sit back and relax because this is where we provide a stress free service guaranteed.

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Our Freight Services

OTR Transportation is built on developing quality relationships and providing unmatched high quality service.
Providing fast and accurate container drayage services. We are equipped to move just about any type of cargo.
By combining shipping with warehousing and distribution, you benefit from a seamless end-to-end solution with fewer problems.

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